Study in Singapore: Apply for International Graduate Award

What do you know about Singapore? You may know a lot about Europe and USA, but in most cases countries of Asian region seem to be mysterious, especially if you are a resident of some European country. Do you know what we want to propose? We are going to tell you about a great chance not just to visit this beautiful city and country in one, but also get a grant for your amazing studying there! About the Program  International Graduate Award is a program that has been implemented by the Singapore Government as well as it is constantly supported and financed by this state power body. It is an excellent choice if you have got high result at your bachelor?s or master?s degree and want to continue your studies at a postgraduate doctorate program. Do you like engineering? Are you fond of making interesting and profitable researches? If yes, it is your best opportunity as this project is focused on researching in the science and engineering field. What about host institutions? You may study at Agency for Science, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Technology and Research (A*STAR) or Nanyang Technological University (NTU). It is opened for all international students. Approximately 240 scholarships are awarded every year. Level and Fields of Study                                                                          Feel free to apply for this program if you are interested in accomplishing the PhD level and your main field is the science and engineering. By the way, this program is focused on researching, so making researches will be your main activity. Just imagine that you will be able to make your researches in best labs and develop your results and career to top heights! Moreover, you will cooperate with best scholars of the world which come to Singapore and set […]

Study in Turkey: Apply for Graduate Scholarships for International Students

What can make you develop? New experiences, new challenges! That is why, studying abroad is a great chance to develop and change yourself to better state. Now we are going to tell more about unique chance for you to get a grant in a country that is located in both Europe and Asia and surrounded by 4 seas ? Turkey! About the Program T?rkiye Scholarships are launched, funded and supported by the Turkish Government. It is the opened opportunity for intelligent and successful students to get a grant for studying at one of the Turkish universities. You may be searching for long-term or short-term studying, for undergraduate of postgraduate degree programs… Anyway, you will get all of this if you apply and prove you are the best candidate. By the way, you can be from any country in the world to be eligible to apply for this scholarship as there are no restrictions in target group. Level and Fields of Study You can apply if you are interested in getting the bachelor, master or PhD level at one of the higher institutions of Turkey which participate in this program. Eligibility Now let us tell more about the criteria of selection. If you apply for a bachelor degree, your minimum level of academic success should not be less than 70%. In addition, if you want to get a master degree, you should have got the level of success not less than 75%, and for doctorate level it is the same. Alternatively, for Health Science you should have got a truly high level of academic achievement ? minimum 90%! If to talk about age, you must be less than 21 to apply for undergraduate programs, less than 30 to apply for master and less than 35 for doctorate programs. You can be […]

Study in USA: Hubert Humphrey Fellowships in USA

USA is a ?planet of opportunities? for youth. Here you can find your perfect scholarship program, your best career solution and not only these ones. Now we want to present you the unique and unusual idea ? the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program in USA. Find out more about the high quality education in USA from this article, apply and get your level up! About the Program Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program is a non-degree program focused on involving well-experienced professionals in their field and areas of interest to help them get a professional internship and deepen their knowledge and practical skills during the academic program. This type of studying is an excellent choice for motivated and open-minded people who have already got the experience in their working field and are on the middle stage of their career. About 200 grants are awarded annually. The studying on this fellowship program consists of mastering special subjects at a particular university of USA, taking part in different conferences, professional networking and gaining the necessary experience during a mandatory internship. The academic program lasts for 9 months, and the internship lasts for 3 months. Host universities are participating ones of the program, and you can check them in this list. Unfortunately, participants can not choose the university they will study at, but you should not concern about it. You will be assigned with other members of your group (7-15 people) to the most appropriate institution according to your professional sphere and interests. Fields of Study There is a wide range of professional fields, so you can choose the most appropriate one. Here is the list of them: Agriculture and Rural development, Economics, Finance and Banking, HIV/AIDS Policy and Prevention, Law and Human Rights, Public Health Policy and Management, Teaching of English as a Foreign Language, Urban and Regional […]

Study in France: Eiffel Scholarships for International Applicants

While looking through the different web pages with the hope to find some great idea and your best ever scholarship, stop and read about this profitable and awesome grant that is supported completely by French Government. What can be more exciting than interesting studying and exploring a lot in this wonderful country? Combine a high level education with your unforgettable impressions about France! About the Program The Eiffel Program is an Excellence program founded and managed by the France?s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development (MAEDI). More than 18 years it invites the most accomplished students from all over the world. It has about 1500 applicants each year, and approximately 400 of them are awarded by this grand annually. This scholarship is focused on teaching, training and recruiting tomorrow?s leaders and decision makers in different fields. The first goal of this government program was to attract the best-talented young people from various countries to French high institutions. A selection process of the best applicants consists of preselection by the institutions and then final selection by an expert committee. On the other hand, it should not frighten you. This procedure just improves the selection process and helps the most motivated and talented candidates become the winners and get this life-changing chance. First of all, this program has been made for internationals. That is why, if you are not a resident of France, you have a priority over those students who have a citizenship in France at the moment of application. The candidates who are citizens of France are not allowed to apply. Fields and Levels of Study You are eligible for the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship if you want to get a master degree or PhD. For the master you should be not more than 30 years old, and for the […]